For the first time ever!
Doreen offers you a Certified Realm Reader video course based on her best-selling series of books on this topic!
This course will teach you how to identify your own Earth Angel Realm, and the realm of others.
Doreen will show you visually what to look for in yourself and others to discover their realm. You'll learn about each realms life purpose, relationship characteristics, communication style, and identifying characteristics. You'll also learn about the newly uncovered realms:

Atlanteans, Cherubs,Aladdins, Star Fairies,Galactic Knights, and much more!
You will receive a link to the video, you can watch this video at any time from anywhere.

This course includes access to 15 individual videos which can be downloaded, or viewed on your MAC, PC, and smart devices.

Price    $44


The course is available at a very special price of $44 per person, with no further dues or costs. At this time, we only accept Paypal payments. However, the Paypal service will allow you to use credit cards or bank checks as payment.  It's easy! Just click on the Paypal button below and follow the Paypal directions:

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